DecoKlad Performance

Unrivaled consistency

DecoKlad specifications require a higher degree of process control by the applicator

  • MacDermid Enthone in conjunction with major OEMs developed the range of products AND an audit process to assure that companies approved as DecoKlad applicators can meet these specifications
  • Only applicators with proper quality systems and automated equipment are approved
  • Quarterly audits (inspections) and performance testing of each applicator
  • Certification Program
  • No process changes allowed
  • DecoKlad assures OEMs and Tier 1s that product performance will be consistent throughout the supply chain in ALL geographic regions – NA/SA – Europe and Asia
  • 的DecoKlad standards are available in different performance levels for interior and exterior parts. Click below for more details

Standard Overview


- Hexavalent chromium pre-treatment to hexavalent or trivalent chromium
- Plating on Plastics
- Substrates ABS, ABS-PC

DecoKlad MT

- End finish with hexavalent or trivalent chromium
- Pre-treatment for metals
- Iron, cast Iron, Copper and copper alloys, Aluminum alloys and Zinc diecast
- Audit and inspection report ready to be integrated into the LN database

DecoKlad Blue

- Chromium free etch to trivalent chromium
- Plating on plastics with evolve product range
- Substrates ABS, ABS-PC
- Ready for REACh compliant standard

DecoKlad Paint - Addition to the existing DecoKlad standards and applicable to all base materials
- Organic coating over decorative chromium-plated surfaces
- Designed to operate in existing decorative chromium electroplating lines, applicable for interior and exterior parts