MacDermidProduct Specification Color Designation
Starlite GM M-24/024M 钛铬
onyx + paint. GM M-28/028M 黑珍珠
SatinKote Pearl + Twilite PB0029/172V Illudium
SatinKote Pearl F90R Galvano Silver *
SatinKote Pearl F63P Matte Cr Silky Gloss*
Twilite PB0025 / 251V. Obsidian
SatinKote Pearl + Galaxy 180V Dusk

*Galvano Silver 756S - Europe
**Matte Cr Silky Gloss 908K - Europe


Satinkote Pearl.

The SatinKote Pearl nickel process produces a uniform and smooth, light to medium satin finish with a gloss level of 50 or less* when measured to the relative Q-Gloss standard . To achieve the high corrosion resistance required to meet exterior automotive specifications, NiMac M-Satin Star can be used in conjunction with semi-bright, high sulfur and microporous nickel systems.

*Depending on the subsequent chromium plating system



价值 Description Twilite compared to standard bright chromium
L Darker ++
*a ( - )绿色(+)红色 ++
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow ++




The darkest chromium available, Starlite, opens an exciting new dimension in chromium finishing. It's color is described as warm and alluring. The corrosion resistance is excellent, so is suitable for exterior automotive applications . When measured to the Q-Color standard, it compares as follows to traditional bright chromium plate:

价值 Description Starlite compared to standard bright chromium
L Much darker +++
*a ( - )绿色(+)红色 ++
*b (-) Blue (+) Yellow ++