Performance Systems

Quality Performance Systems (QPS)


MacD188金宝搏官网版下载ermid Enthone如何满足客户的义务。

QP符合ISO 9001:2015中规定的条件。


Validating and monitoring applicator processes worldwide to make sure they consistently meet

pre-defined QPS standards and agreed technical requirements.

The QPS is set up to achieve that: The QPS will be modified in case of:
  • The procedures and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • 实现和传达实现的改进。
  • (新的)员工对我们的工作方式进行了快速洞察。
  • Internal changes or improvements (organizational changes).
  • External changes (market changes or new standards).
  • Identified possibilities for improvement (internal or external).

What do we do?
We supply and develop QPS standards that meet and exceed OEM specifications.


We monitor and report results on a global scale to be able to service and continuously improve performance.

We believe that we are able to assure a global consistent performance at a local level meeting the global OEM requirements with a select number of world class applicators.

How do we do what we do?
MacDermid Enthone has developed a unique Quality Performance System called QPS that tackles the challenges for high-performance automotive coatings. OEM’s can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide.



High performance:超过耐腐蚀性和异常一致的扭矩和张力特性的高要求。

Global consistency:Wherever ZinKlad, DecoKlad or XMAPP standards are applied, applicators know they are using the same high-performance products.

Of course, compliance with legislation, such as ELV & RoHS, ReacH and predictable torque-tension performance continue to be essential requirements. QPS continues to deliver on all of these needs.