锌-nickel plating is usually applied where specifiers want the highest performance with the lowest deposit thickness. By specifying zinc-nickel, components can resist more than 1000 hours neutral salt spray (ISO 9227 & ASTM B117) with no effect on the dimensional tolerance of threaded components. Components typically plated with zinc-nickel include:

  • Automotive – Fluid transfer tubes which can be deformed into their required shape after plating
  • Automotive – Fasteners, particularly in areas of high corrosion (underhood, chassis joints)
  • Electronic – Connectors, as a direct replacement for cadmium to provide corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity
  • 航空航天和防御 - 铝接触的组件。

锌 - 镍镀的优选合金组合物为12-15%镍,其余是锌。该合金具有出色的牺牲耐腐蚀性,并且可以容易地钝化。为了实现这种合金,锌 - 镍通常是从碱性电解质镀的。对于一些应用,包括制动铸件的电镀,可以使用酸锌镍。


Advantages of MacDermid Enthone zinc-nickel plating processes:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good alloy distribution
  • Excellent deposit distribution (alkaline)
  • 兼容Tigass六价 - 铬游离钝化
  • 兼容Tipass 7000系列钴无钝物
  • Friction properties can be modified with Torque 'N' Tension fluids
  • 由许多汽车制造商指定和批准


Enviralloy Sprint is suitable for both rack and barrel zinc-nickel plating applications that require 12 -15% nickel alloy coverage. These deposits meet demanding automotive specifications for extended resistance to corrosion. This process is recommended for applications requiring high yield productivity and maximum corrosion resistance.

镀矿是均匀的银灰色,可以通过钝化进一步增强ermapass.超静脉和密封ENSEALXD40。在需要黑色的结束时,钝化TriPassELV 5700 and sealing with TRIDIP will give a uniform, iridescent-free, deep black finish.

Enviralloy Ni 12 -15 g2 /碱性

Bolt Spanner ZK 2017(移动).jpg

主要设计为桶系统,Enviralloy Ni 12-15 G2提供了可操作的一致性和易用性,随着沉积物亮度提高。即使在镍合金范围的下端也实现了这一点。现有的EnviralLoy Ni 12-15也可以转换为新系统。

Enviralloy NiFlex 12 / Alkaline

主要设计用于镀锌镀镍部件,该部件是后板变形的,例如流体转移管。Enviralloy Niflex12在12-15%镍的范围内产生半亮锌镍沉积物,镍在宽范围的电流密度和操作条件下,具有一致的合金组合物。

Enviralloy NiSpeed / Alkaline

Enviralloy NiSpeed is a rack process with high cathode efficiency. This helps to ensure fast zinc-nickel plating rates and improved production yields. Enviralloy NiSpeed yields a consistent nickel content of 12-15% across a wide range of current densities and operating conditions.

Zincrolyte Kcl-Ni /酸

ZINCROLYTE avoids the need for 'duplex' coatings normally applied when plating brake calipers in alkaline based zinc-nickel. It offers substantial benefits over earlier acid zinc-nickel plating alloy technology, namely consistency in both deposit and alloy distribution; critical when zinc-nickel plating complicated castings.

Enviralloy Ni 12-15海报(手机)_flip.jpg

Post-plate Passivation

吸血管CLZ BF2 + PP3300 + 4BRK(移动).jpg

锌-nickel deposits are passivated to further enhance the corrosion resistance of the deposit. Recent legislation including End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) and Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) has led to new, high performance, passivation systems based on trivalent chromium.



Advantages of topcoats include:

  • Production proven
  • Edictable torque and tension characteristics
  • Improved corrosion resistance after post-plating deformation operations
  • Resistance to thermal shock (heat exposure) testing